Friday, October 12, 2007


I understand that if you're reading this blog you a) probably love F1 but don't care what I feel about it b) probably don't care about F1 but was wanting to know how I feel, or c) clicked on the wrong link. Well I'm sorry to disappoint, but in the off chance you are interested in my opinion on F1 please read on and enjoy - your comment is strongly encouraged.

I also realise that starting a blog on F1 at the end of the greatest season this millennium is also not ideal. But I can assure you that this isn't just a result of the Hamilton love-in of recent months. I've long been a fan of the sport and now that I'm a training journalist I've been encouraged to vent my opinions through this medium. Anyhow, whilst the timing is not ideal I do intend to maintain this blog through the closed (testing) season when many people's interest wanes somewhat.

My Aim:
The name of the blog should be a giveaway that, as yet, I have very few contacts or sources from the closely private world of F1. This means that I am unlikely to break news but rather comment on it. I intend to take news stories and offer comment that is original or, at least, an amalgamation of views I agree with. It will be my opinion but one that is wide open to criticism - I would prefer this to be an open platform on which I can shape my views rather than an autocratic rant. Oh, and if I ever make it into Bernie's kingdom I will try and maintain this blog as best I can offering deeper insight - although the name may have to change.

That's the groundwork done. If you've read this much I thank you and hope to offer up my first post proper later this afternoon. It should be of more interest.

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